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De Alicante Law Group provides Bend with tax planning counsel centered around your estate and your business so you can maximize the net profits of your business and minimize taxation on your estate!

What can a tax attorney in Bend, Oregon do for me?

Tax attorneys in Bend, Oregon represent clients in complex legal matters arising from business and personal taxes. This includes the planning side of the tax law where we use legal means to help you pay as little tax as legally possible, and the tax controversy side of tax law, where clients are disputing their tax bill with the IRS or their state taxing authority. While personal, business and estate tax laws differ from state to state, they apply equally throughout the country at the federal level.

At De Alicante Law Group, we focus on the preventative and planning side of the tax law to help you do smart personal, estate and business planning, so that you and your family can keep as much of your hard-earned assets as possible and not hand over any more than is absolutely necessary to state and federal taxing authorities. Sometimes tax planning requires a long-term plan, not just a one-time fix, and the sooner you start planning to pay as little tax as possible, the better your chances of success!

oregon estate tax structure

Oregon and Federal Estate Tax Structure

How to Find a Trustworthy Tax Attorney in Bend, Oregon

The biggest challenge in finding a good tax attorney is finding someone with advanced, formal education in taxation. While some tax classes are optional in law school, there is no requirement that a person studying to be a lawyer take them, so just graduating from law school and passing the bar does not qualify someone to be a tax attorney.

Of course, experience matters, as do practice areas. An LLM in taxation may become obsolete if a lawyer does not practice in areas of law that require tax expertise. Likewise, there are also people who have a tax practice (in-house lawyers with the IRS, for example), who practice nothing but tax law with expertise acquired through years of practice but never studied for an advanced degree in taxation.

Your best-case scenario would be to find a lawyer who has both the formal training and the practice experience demonstrating frequent application of that formal training. De Alicante Law Group provides that to clients each and every day. Tony earned his LLM in Taxation from Georgetown University Law Center in Washington DC.

When should I hire a tax attorney?

If you are ready to have a discussion to see if there are steps you can take now to reduce your tax bill, whether in the short term or your future tax bill for your estate, take the time to schedule a consultation with the Oregon tax experts at De Alicante Law Group. On this call, we’ll get to know you and your unique situation a little better, and discuss the most effective strategy to protect your legacy.

De Alicante Law Group provides expert legal representation in probate, trusts, wills and other comprehensive estate planning, formation of business entities, and representation for your business throughout its lifecycle, with a location in Bend, Oregon and remote services available.


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